"Mind Over Matter"

SelahStar’s debut CD “Mind Over Matter” is a groundbreaking adventure into the spiritual, mystical world of self exploration and personal internal peace as the catalyst for global peace to emerge.  Reuben and Sarah have had the exceptional opportunity to work with two of Jamaica’s top musicians and engineers Master Eugene Grey and Master Christopher Meredith both of whom have contributed their personal genius to having “Mind Over Matter” be this huge success.  Through the 10 original songs on the CD,  “One Religion,”  “Love is the New World Order,”  “Removal of All Judgement,”  “Action Speaks Louder Than Word,”  “Inspiration,”  “Wake up and Live Like a Lion,”  “Life,” “Chances,” “You Change My Life,”  and of course the title track “Mind Over Matter” the opportunity for exploration & transformation, peace & prayer, breaking away all barriers of color, language, culture and the such, where we are all one unified soul, together carrying out our life purpose and mission is apparent and available.

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